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About us

KCM has been in business for over two decades and has created an unsurpassed reputation. This history supports the confidence that our customers have in us, and also allows us to give customers the full benefit of our experience and expertise.
We are active in a wide range of industries including medicine, optics and automotive. Israel is the hub of many technological innovations, and KCM is often the one that leading Israeli companies call for CNC requirements.  

Sales Manager - Amir Keren, MBA, has been part of the sales team at KCM since 2006. Before joining KCM, Ms. Keren had been a sales manager at Ophir Optics for 5 years. 

Operations Manager - Moshe Biton started at KCM in 1996 as a CNC manufacturing technician and worked in virtually every operational role on his way to becoming a manager.

Quality Assurance Manager – Oded Ruham Certified Quality Engineer.

Chief Technologist - Uri Caprylic has 40 years of experience in metalworking at KCM.


Our staff receives frequent and intense training in the application of the most complex schematics, techniques, and technology. Along with our ultra-modern facilities, our experienced and educated staff ensures that jobs are executed properly and efficiently





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